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It has been a wild month. Much positive change, but also some waning in my habits. And I’m still putting off the monster.
I’ve been so distracted; so many things are floating around me that are Stuff I Must Do Or Else. It’s to the point where Or Else has become a meaningless concept to me. [...]

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My tumble continued unabated as February drew to a close. But I’m getting back on top in terms of staying productive.
Still procrastinating, but I am also doing more. The no-armor rule has fueled a great deal of that; I must be productive or die more. I slipped up once, but I’m finally back to a [...]

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Fear and shame have a feeling of insidious tendrils, twisting and winding their way through the cracks in your wall of identity, forcing it asunder and exposing the inner, small, worthless you to the world. It is these times that I cling to the small beauties of life: rays of light flooding from holes in [...]

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I am all too aware that my consciousness is a small craft in a sea of chemicals. Sometimes the neurotransmitter tide swells, and waves wash over me, inundating this poor vessel. Other times the squalls clear, leaving dopamine-blue skies and smooth sailing. (I should go look up Horace and his ode to the ship of [...]

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Summer II is winding down (already!), and I shall have a couple weeks’ rest before the new semester begins. I should say a couple weeks’ rest from school–I have some travelin’ to do! My plan is to head up to MD to visit my sister’s house, where her boyfriend is keeping things tidy for her. [...]

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This is where I come back when I need to remotivate. This blog is an outlet to the world, and even though it’s full of whining, it’s still my outlet.
I am feeling rather defeated these last few months. From society gutting the rights of my fellow North Carolinians to marry in the eyes of the [...]

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I have been up to a bunch of things. I owe you a beer post or two, as I have brewed up both a hefeweizen and a dunkelweizen, and then there are all the little things that have made life fun. I tried to write about stuff, but I never finished any of the posts. [...]

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You all knew it was coming: another beer post. This is really where my motivation comes from–as my friend Sparrow was saying to me earlier this week, alchemy is irresistible. I tried to hold off, but the stuff I put out in between was just senseless emo rambling, so we’re back for another update on [...]

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I’ve been slacking this week, the first week of my second semester. I allowed the funeral of my great uncle Bud (who died at the ripe old age of 102) to eat up my workday on Thursday, and then failed to compensate for it by doing extra work this weekend. Back to the old habits [...]

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I used to look at new year goals as a quick fix to my broken self. “These goals enumerated here,” I would say to myself, “will make me a better person, and I am going to do them right now.” Well, that’s obviously unrealistic, but that’s what young people do, I guess. I have a [...]

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