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One of the most difficult-seeming tasks for a teacher is to inspire your students to study the material you’re teaching outside of class. The results of my first unit’s test–delayed because of 2 weeks worth of snow days–reinforces that, because the results are so frustratingly low. I’m not a teacher inclined to curve tests numerically, [...]

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There is a Scylla in my brain, that grabs my executive function and wrests it away from me every time I catch a glimpse of the way forward. Writhing tentacles whip around in there, gripping my motivations. Sometimes it will dangle them in front of me, taunting me with what I already know. I have [...]

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This is where I come back when I need to remotivate. This blog is an outlet to the world, and even though it’s full of whining, it’s still my outlet.
I am feeling rather defeated these last few months. From society gutting the rights of my fellow North Carolinians to marry in the eyes of the [...]

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And into another one! I kicked the spring semester’s ass (an A and an A-), but then I got elected treasurer of the HCoop. And since our last treasurer actually went AWOL last year some time, I must basically learn this stuff from notes left online. I have had a week’s break from schoolwork, but [...]

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