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April 1st, 2012 | Tags: , ,

I have been up to a bunch of things. I owe you a beer post or two, as I have brewed up both a hefeweizen and a dunkelweizen, and then there are all the little things that have made life fun. I tried to write about stuff, but I never finished any of the posts. They just sit there, crustifying away in the drafts queue. They’ll make it out eventually.

I filled out a bracket for the NCAA tournament, and then actually managed to get excited about the games themselves despite myself. My NC State Wolfpack did well, but not well enough–Kansas bounced us out of the Sweet Sixteen after an exhilarating upset victory against Georgetown. That game was made especially sweet because in 2008, my alma mater UMBC made it for the first and only time to the Big Dance, and Georgetown took them out in the first round. I consider myself avenged! And surprisingly, my bracket did not fall completely. I correctly predicted 11 of the Sweet 16, 5 of the Elite 8, 3 of the Final 4, and both teams in the championship match. Update: And I picked Kentucky to beat Kansas. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! All told, I had a 77% success rate. Not too shabby. Now if only Michigan State hadn’t choked…

Grad work has been like pulling teeth. I have been loathe to medicate, but it’s coming down to brass tacks, so I am finally back on board for one final push. In addition to the inevitable work I must catch up on (yes, I have fallen behind), I have two papers to write before the end of the semester, and two monster exams. But I can do this. Here comes the comet again…

My motivation for the next week is a visit north to Maryland. I am helping my sister with a stream cleaning project in her neighbourhood, mostly by being the guy who makes the power breakfast before and the victory beer after. I’ll be bringing up a case and a half of springtime treats–an IPA, a blood orange hefeweizen, and a dunkelweizen, all made with love. If I can finish all the work that is due by Weds. night, I can head up to MD with zero nagging doubts and no work to try to bring with me. If you want to spend the day before Easter in lovely Ellicott City with a bunch of fuzzy hippies cleaning a stream, let me know and I’ll get you details.

I want this blog to be more than just my doings–I want to write about things that matter. I have so much to say that just doesn’t make it to paper. I will try harder.

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