Another break

July 30th, 2012 | Tags: ,

Summer II is winding down (already!), and I shall have a couple weeks’ rest before the new semester begins. I should say a couple weeks’ rest from school–I have some travelin’ to do! My plan is to head up to MD to visit my sister’s house, where her boyfriend is keeping things tidy for her. I’ll spread the good word about beer while I’m there and teach Jim how to brew. That house, which is the original icehouse for Ellicott City, has a stone foundation that is perfect for fermenting. It keeps cool like a champ. After that I was hoping to see my cousin Kathy at her beach house in VA Beach. And then I want to go CAMPING! I haven’t been camping in…over a year. This must be fixed. Mount Mitchell is all booked up, but there are many excellent places nevertheless!

But first, I have a week of hell. All my other hot-potato loose ends are tied up–the peach pale ale I brewed up a couple weeks ago is bottled and carbonating, we just brewed 10 gallons of hefeweizen on the big rig, and the big hurdles of getting square with my duties as the treasurer of HCoop are behind me (or weeks in the future). Oh, and: INBOX ZERO!!!!!1!!!one!!

So now I have 6 days to write two papers and study for & nail an exam.

Chop chop!

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