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So I headed out to work today, thinking we’d probably be getting early release (most forecasts called for afternoon snow). About two-thirds of the way through my 45-minute commute, i.e., 6am–yes, I leave typically around 5:30am–it began snowing. I checked the county Web site when I got to the parking lot, and my suspicions were [...]

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I have been up to a bunch of things. I owe you a beer post or two, as I have brewed up both a hefeweizen and a dunkelweizen, and then there are all the little things that have made life fun. I tried to write about stuff, but I never finished any of the posts. [...]

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March 4th is a nerdy day if you’re a classicist. Even if you’re not, there’s a cute pun in today that gives one a reason to step out courageously, for it’s homophonous with March Forth. But those in the know–and soon you will be one of them–will enjoy the day in deeper measure. For students [...]

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I have a little story for you–a trivial yarn about meaningless things. But it is 100% true. I am writing it because it serves as much to be something to write about as anything else, and with all the craziness happening here in the US (much less abroad) I thought it’d be an interesting indulgence [...]

Monday, November 21st, 2011 at 10:55 | 2 comments
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This weekend has been an exultant blur. Everything about the wedding lined up right–the well-planned schedule, the things that actually coincided with it, and everything else that was off-course but still managed to be right. I am proud to be an official participant in generating documents of historical record as signatory witness to Rob Carlson’s [...]

Monday, November 7th, 2011 at 17:11 | 2 comments
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I’ve finally gotten the go-ahead to register for classes, and signing up for them was simplicity itself. But it was a bit of a rocky road to get here!

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