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When I use a little more of the dwindling supply of medication I have, I am reminded how much less of a functional human I am without them on board regularly. I box myself into corners that aren’t even really corners–but they seem as substantial as the iron bars of a prison cell when I’m [...]

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Not for me, but for the Sidhe. I am taking care of her today while her body wages war on a sub-microscopic invader. Well, haven’t gone to the doctor yet, so we don’t know if it’s actually the flu. But the symptoms, speed, and severity seem to line up. Thank goodness for weekends. We went [...]

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I am all too aware that my consciousness is a small craft in a sea of chemicals. Sometimes the neurotransmitter tide swells, and waves wash over me, inundating this poor vessel. Other times the squalls clear, leaving dopamine-blue skies and smooth sailing. (I should go look up Horace and his ode to the ship of [...]

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