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When I use a little more of the dwindling supply of medication I have, I am reminded how much less of a functional human I am without them on board regularly. I box myself into corners that aren’t even really corners–but they seem as substantial as the iron bars of a prison cell when I’m [...]

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Little room is left for side pursuits when you are burning the candle at both ends. I see this in my friends’ lives, and I see it in my own. I wear a set of blinders–no, truly, a cardboard box with two eye-holes cut out so I can see only what is in front of [...]

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You all knew it was coming: another beer post. This is really where my motivation comes from–as my friend Sparrow was saying to me earlier this week, alchemy is irresistible. I tried to hold off, but the stuff I put out in between was just senseless emo rambling, so we’re back for another update on [...]

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I applied to the MAT program at UNC. I was rejected. It’s easy to look at external factors, but ultimately I am to blame. Same problem as before, four years ago when I applied to graduate programs: not enough Latin on my transcript.
It doesn’t matter that I know Latin, or that I have been reading [...]

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