Grad school shenanigans

July 29th, 2011 | Tags: ,

I’ve finally gotten the go-ahead to register for classes, and signing up for them was simplicity itself. But it was a bit of a rocky road to get here!

First, I received my admission letter in the form of an email that said to go check my admission status. So instead of just seeing whether or not I was in, I had the task of opening an emotional jack-in-the-box. (Being told by another program that your degree in the classics isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on will do that to you.) But the letter was obviously positive, so yay for that. I must confess that I began breathing easy for the first time in several months.

So with acceptance in hand, I went about getting set up in NC State’s system. Their IT sent me my username, and on my next day off after a stretch of several work days in a row, I successfully gained access to the Wolfweb. However, I still hadn’t received any materials from the CED (college of education), so I sent an email to the MAT program contact to get things going.

Her initial response: I hadn’t applied for the MAT program–was I confusing it with the M.Ed.? Now, when I applied to UNC, somehow my finger must have slipped when I was selecting the program, because my application went to the Mathematics department instead of Latin. Fortunately I had been in communication with the program coordinator, so it was immediately correctable. But because of the association with the rejection from that program, I went over to my bed and hyperventilated. In my funhouse of a mind, I was deadly afraid that I had screwed up possibly my last big chance to escape the gravity well of wage slavery.

After enough oxygen had filled my bloodstream, my resolve to muddle through returned and I double-checked my admission letter, which did indeed say that I had been admitted to the MAT. I forwarded the PDF on, and my contact/advisor determined that something must be wrong with her computer system, for she had the hard copy of my application. Why she hadn’t checked that before sending her reply is…beyond me. But it was a nice taste of my career to come :)

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