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I wanted to start this off as a letter. “Greetings,” I was all set to begin. Time was people read this, but then I let it languish, as I do now and again. So I guess I don’t really have an audience to greet. But I’m picking it up again, so you lucky readers buckle [...]

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I marked the general holiday season for my students Wednesday, the last day before spring break. I say general because humanity has been reveling in the equinox for quite a long time, in many guises and traditions. Passover has begun, and Easter approaches, but, too, Nowruz is still a thing. For my students I brought [...]

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March 4th is a nerdy day if you’re a classicist. Even if you’re not, there’s a cute pun in today that gives one a reason to step out courageously, for it’s homophonous with March Forth. But those in the know–and soon you will be one of them–will enjoy the day in deeper measure. For students [...]

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This weekend has been an exultant blur. Everything about the wedding lined up right–the well-planned schedule, the things that actually coincided with it, and everything else that was off-course but still managed to be right. I am proud to be an official participant in generating documents of historical record as signatory witness to Rob Carlson’s [...]

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Well, this is home. Cardboard boxes sit unpacked, still smelling of the truck and the city and the movers’ sweat. The walls are still white, untouched by brush or scuffed by furniture. The carpet even smells new!
I thought I would have something interesting to say for my first entry ever in my [...]

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