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Flung to the stars, we rose and fell–fell from the sky, fell from grace, fell out of our minds, fell into chaos. The Spire stands still in Redgar Bay, its gleaming bulk impenetrable to us even now, a dozen dozen years after its doom. Lights wink on and off, seemingly at random. The waters around [...]

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First, the news. We have shuffled along to Catonsville! I am returned to work, as a preschool language teacher at a Reggio Emilia-inspired facility, where my son has been graciously afforded an opportunity to thrive and grow alongside me. We live right on top of the Catonsville Junction, with all the Scittino’s pizza, Caffe Di [...]

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I began using a language study tool, [Duolingo], a few weeks ago, after the burning shame of being unable to call my Spanish-speaking students’ parents directly got to be too much to bear. So far, I’m learning a lot about elefantes y platos, but also about how yo como mientras leo. It’s nice for someone [...]

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I am trying to write more, to flesh out the universe in which my fictive thoughts dwell so often. So here’s a card to help push me over the boundary from dilettante to workman. (Shamelessly stolen from this site.)

Oncoming Storm

Meaning of Life
The Good Life

Wild Card

Render Unto Caesar
Daily Bread

Flat Earth
at the airport

First goal: One row by [...]

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Grad school is taking its toll. Most of my days are spent putting off grad work or doing grad work. And by putting it off I’m usually thinking about it but not writing. So, video games, which I know I must swear off at some point, or television, which I also know I must swear [...]

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I have a little story for you–a trivial yarn about meaningless things. But it is 100% true. I am writing it because it serves as much to be something to write about as anything else, and with all the craziness happening here in the US (much less abroad) I thought it’d be an interesting indulgence [...]

Monday, November 21st, 2011 at 10:55 | 2 comments
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I just took a 24-hour computer holiday. On the plus side, I got lots cleaned in the apartment. On the down side, writing for the two projects I have due did not fare as well. On the oh-shit side, I have a nice to-do list of things to do for the wedding instead of sleeping [...]

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Fifteen minutes, that’s all I’m allotted to blog with. It sets a time limit so blogging doesn’t eat up other time, and also constrains me so I don’t waste time thinking about what I should be writing. I have so much to tell you all, but really, it’ll come out eventually, so I’ll start with [...]

Thursday, October 27th, 2011 at 15:20 | 1 comment
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Ordinarily, I’d cue the meta-whining about not writing. Instead of that, however, I wish to express gratitude for this recent season of my life. It has been unproductive in the sense that I have written relatively few words on this here blog or in the novels that I have floating around, but I have nevertheless [...]

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I am throwing in the towel on NaNoWriMo a day early. I’m not stopping the writing, but I am officially too far behind to win thanks to a fat-fingered backup attempt. I lost 7k worth of words, putting me at roughly 31k. I managed 12k on November 30 last year, so I was pumped to [...]

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