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Yep, screaming. I’m out of meds, and coffee is only marginally effective. I got my last project in on time for one class, but I am afraid I’m going to need to turn in the rest of my stuff for the other class as late. My task is to create several plans (behavioral, lesson, you [...]

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Wow, look at the time. How did it get to be April 12th? Ah, I remember now–I have been nose-deep in grad school work for the last two weeks nearly non-stop. Some of it was catching up on work long-overdue, but the majority of it I spent writing a materials critique. I am pleased to [...]

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I have been up to a bunch of things. I owe you a beer post or two, as I have brewed up both a hefeweizen and a dunkelweizen, and then there are all the little things that have made life fun. I tried to write about stuff, but I never finished any of the posts. [...]

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