I’m late, I’m late

April 12th, 2012 | Tags:

Wow, look at the time. How did it get to be April 12th? Ah, I remember now–I have been nose-deep in grad school work for the last two weeks nearly non-stop. Some of it was catching up on work long-overdue, but the majority of it I spent writing a materials critique. I am pleased to say I turned it in on time, but my mind continues to revisit it and ping me on ways I might have done better. Several areas are probably too inspecific, but my greatest fear is that I completely bailed on the overall personal evaluation section, writing vague, trite garbage rather than concrete assessment replete with specific examples. I shall hear back soon enough. To quell these doubts I repeat my mantra, given to me by the Sidhe: “Done is better than good.”

Already we’re caroming toward final exams. I have been squeezing what I can from the last handful of doses left in my med stash, and then I’ll be in free-fall until I can afford to go back to a psychiatrist to get a prescription. Last year I tried to go without meds, and it got me not much. This year I employed them strategically, and it has made all the difference in the world in my academic performance. But the comet I spoke of last semester is not nearly as strong, its mass sapped by the sun’s heat. It’s still there, but I’m not screaming right now. I’ll take it.

My personal goals have slipped somewhat in pursuit of success in my graduate work. I’m still reading Pride and Prejudice, though my friend Fox was kind enough to send me another book to read once I’ve finished it (Freud’s Couch, Scott’s Buttock’s, Brontë’s Grave, by Simon Goldhill). I have written only two letter since my last post. But I did manage to knock out another beer today :) That write-up must wait as well, for I have work that needs doing for my last project of the semester. I took pictures to accompany it, though!

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