And, back

November 1st, 2011 | Tags: ,

I just took a 24-hour computer holiday. On the plus side, I got lots cleaned in the apartment. On the down side, writing for the two projects I have due did not fare as well. On the oh-shit side, I have a nice to-do list of things to do for the wedding instead of sleeping tonight.

I discontinued use of the major social media outlets, i.e., Facebook & Twitter, about three weeks ago. I did this last year in the spring, and it was a healthy thing, but it made me feel like I was checking out of the social contract somewhat irresponsibly. My motivation for doing it again remains the same, though. I feel like I don’t talk to anyone anymore, and I feel like it’s because of the wall of noise. I have no ability to watch and engage at the same time. It’s easy to lurk and then just respond to the thing that grabs my eye at the moment rather than actively work on matters of substance with people who I know actually want to have an extended dialog with me. So by going dark on the broadcast channel, I remember who I am again.

This blog is my home, and I need to start treating it like that. The social media are just the teeming masses of people; it’s cute one-liners and pithy stances that don’t invite critical response. This is where that needs to occur. So here’s to a more frequent and more substantial presence on the Internet.

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