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One of the great emotional hurdles I’m discovering in a full classroom setting is the anxiety of sufficiency. I don’t mean just whether we’re engaging the material that Latin students ought to know. Though blending culture lessons evenhandedly into the grammar is a distinct challenge, we are not doing too terribly for my first real [...]

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Advertising is simply part of modern culture. It’s easy to see on the Internet, even if you (like myself) install ad-blocking plugins and run filters on your email. And if you pick up a magazine these days, half the pages are filled with it. And even the articles trend anymore to being mere vehicles for [...]

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The G1 has been quite the springboard for me. I now have a screenable, universal point of contact that also serves as a mostly-fledged personal computer and PDA, complete with internet access wherever I am. This is what I have been looking for since I was in college for my second stint. The hardware has [...]

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