Testing modernity

September 28th, 2010 | Tags: ,

The G1 has been quite the springboard for me. I now have a screenable, universal point of contact that also serves as a mostly-fledged personal computer and PDA, complete with internet access wherever I am. This is what I have been looking for since I was in college for my second stint. The hardware has been out for some time, but I lacked the money that early adoption requires. Fortunately I have similarly-minded friends, and I bought this unit from one who had acquired two at a nice end-of-service discount. TMobile isn’t selling these anymore. While in some respects that’s for the better, this hardware is still the best design I’ve seen in the Android smartphones to date.

Now the point of this is that I can at last write in a fashion more suited to my all-over-the-map way of life. I can write at work! (Much of the entry to this point was written during breaks at the clinic today.) I can write in the car! I can write in bed, or sitting on a park bench. Those among you more familiar with me may say, “But what about your netbook?” And you have a point. But this frees me from having a laptop bag, for one. For two, it frees me from having to interrupt the process of having a thought to open the laptop, log in, and get the old wp fired up, during all of which I have probably gotten distracted from the idea already. Yes, I’m that flighty. :-D

Now, I have zero excuses not to be pumping out 500 words a day.

NaNoWriMo is going to be very interesting…

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