Beer update 11/1/11

November 1st, 2011 | Tags: ,

The amber ale has more or less finished primary fermentation. The frothy mess at the top (the krausen) hasn’t yet fallen, but CO2 outgassing is down to one bubble every twenty seconds or so. I am not in the habit of transferring to secondary, as I haven’t done any dry hopping, and there’s no need for this batch either. I had fun keeping it at 66F; my swamp cooling has proved effective. Thank goodness we have a tight closet–the technique is useless in a big open area unless you have a monster fan.

Now I can more or less ignore it until a week and a half before Thanksgiving. The major takeaway from this batch: I desperately need to make a displacement measurement stick for my kettle. I dumped the gallon of top-up water in the fermenter before racking, and only after I had gotten the yeast pitched did I realize that I might have diluted it too much. And most of my estimations thereafter point to that likelihood. I’m not upset–it’ll still be beer. But it was bad science. Had I taken the time to make a measurement tool beforehand, I would have known with certainty how much water I should have added to hit my OG.

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