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So, I had mentioned a couple of variables I was fiddling with in this last stovetop batch. I wanted to try priming with maple syrup instead of corn sugar, and I also didn’t use Irish moss, unlike every other brew to date. I can report my findings now.
I primed it with maple syrup against my [...]

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The krausen on my stovetop amber fell while I was out and about in northern New Jersey. There is still a ring of foam, but the center of the beer’s surface is more or less free of yeast. (I did some reading, and apparently US-05 can be quite bubbly for quite some time, so the [...]

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The amber ale has more or less finished primary fermentation. The frothy mess at the top (the krausen) hasn’t yet fallen, but CO2 outgassing is down to one bubble every twenty seconds or so. I am not in the habit of transferring to secondary, as I haven’t done any dry hopping, and there’s no need [...]

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I brewed the third in my series of stovetop batches tonight. I shot for an American Amber, and you can download the recipe in XML from my wiki. It uses US-05 yeast, a variety that produces pretty straightforward American ale, and Centennial & Cascade hops, both signature American cultivars. The malt body is the same [...]

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