Moments of transition

August 23rd, 2017 | Tags:

Well, we have unpacked, gone to Ikea for shelves, and set everything up. We are officially residents of Ellicott City, MD :) My better half has begun working, and she is thriving wearing the many hats that the job requires.

Time is going to take on a different sense now that I am a SAHD; indeed, it already has. I have been trying to write this post for about three weeks. No car means being creative about seeing friends, and generally more isolation. But there is lots to do here in EC! The Boy and I hike down to the Trolley Trail on a mostly daily basis, and we play with his train set, and I subsume myself in keeping the house running: cleaning, cooking, getting groceries, etc. It is a way to channel my anger at the current state of national affairs.

But it’s not just national news that is getting me angry–it filters all the way down to my family and friends, so divorced from the web of the people around them that they let their bigotry hang out like yesterday’s laundry on the line. I stand my ground, and choose my battles–but the void of reason remains. The insulation of their line of thinking makes them impervious to the very real damage they’re doing to American discourse, and their support of this kind of thinking at the highest levels of national office means that the damage is nation-wide. They go on about fake news, and then turn around and spread fake news, which they defend from a position of simple intransigence. It’s infuriating.

I am grateful for the opportunity to see the Boy grow in real time, and to see and talk to friends as they allot time for us. And gratitude is what carries me through these times most of all.

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