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Well, since that’s what the majority of these posts have been so far, I may as well be honest. (It’s a blog, right?) I have read that “exhaustion and sleep are the enemies of study,” and this is certainly true also for writing. I can’t write when I’m constantly trying to regain my brain’s operational capacity enough to make the next meal. This twelve hour day is bullshit.

Well, the Sidhe secured a job teaching Latin at the school she aimed for, besting one of her backstabbing cohort members in the process–delicious, that victory, even vicariously. This means I can actually look for jobs in a specific geographical area. Other ideas include writing letters of inquiry to gaming companies, seeing if they need copy editors. (Well, I know they do. The question is whether they do.)

I am killed. Today (and foreseeably for the rest of the week) I am charged with the care of some very large dogs, dogs who will drag me all over the parking lot and grassy berms outside the clinic. Already my shoulders and knees are wracked with pain, and a layer of skin has been torn from my left knuckles.

But I ain’t dead yet.

I’m using the wiki to gather the bits of my life that I want to make sense of; the hard part is accepting that there will be days that I don’t achieve any of the goals I have set for myself. I don’t get to write every day. That sticks in my craw.

  1. momma amy
    September 24th, 2010 at 06:06
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    “carpe diem” your writing is vunderful, keep at it

  2. Steve Killen
    September 25th, 2010 at 02:45
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    Your wish has been granted. Thanks for the encouragement!