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So, I’m trying out a new thing. I have been attempting to-do lists for most of my life unsuccessfully–I lose them if they’re on paper, or they constantly need updating. And to-do software is only as good as my actual use of it. I tried ToodleDo, and it was ok, except that it didn’t really address the problem: me. Me and my really, really bad habits. I avoid prioritizing, I piddle, I put stuff off, I tell myself I can do it later. And I always find some way to hijack my good intentions with guilt and shame and paralysis. And this fall I’ve been learning to talk the language of vulnerability, listening to Brene Brown’s talk about Daring Greatly, and realizing a few things about my relationships with myself, with others, and with the world at large.

So when I read a friend’s post about [HabitRPG], I figured, well, I like to play games. And maybe the more visible reward system that an RPG embodies is the way to go. After all, that’s what I’m doing to my students ;-) So, I’m signed up. I am trying for some ambitious stuff, and maybe I need to walk it back a bit before I die at level one. I have several daily goals, which I can already feel slipping away from me. But words are flowing into this text box, so that’s one goal happening. NB: [this wiki page], even if you’re not into the whole gamifying thing, is fantastic advice for practicing useful goal-setting.

Obviously this is fueled by some momentum from New Years’ resolutions. But this isn’t just about that. I feel a change in the wind, and the question I’m really asking is: if not now, when?

Happy new year, folks.

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