Sick Day II: The Revenge

March 16th, 2013 | Tags: ,

Well, the crud got me, too. I made it through Wednesday without too much difficulty, though the aches started Weds. evening. But Thursday I was rapidly headed downhill, and by 5pm, it was all I could do to drive home. Even had to bail on a school commitment. I tried so hard not to be That Guy. I wanted to wipe the slate clean, to get a fresh start. But a flake’s a flake, even when he has good reason. To have been handling money for the elderly and children would have been patently irresponsible. But I am still Mr. Flake.

So I made it to school on Friday, and my students experienced some excellent, and even topical, Roman culture! Which is to say, I put in a movie. It helps that it was an early release day, so only hour-long classes and no lunch, but all the same, the day nearly wrecked me. Adding fuel to the fire, I had a deadline for some paperwork to be completed. Fortunately, there’s access from the employee Web site, so I went home, started burning up, and then at 9pm finished my paperwork before settling into an uncomfortable, cough-ridden sleep.

This is where I praise the Sidhe. She took care of me last night, whiny-pants that I was. And she did so like a trooper. I am so very unworthy. She’s out at the store right now getting me more juice, while I stay in bed. Getting up, even with DayQuil, pseudephedrine, and advil on board, is challenging at best, so she put on Star Wars for me and headed out. True love, I tell you :)

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