Break’s over

December 30th, 2012 | Tags: , , ,

It is a couple days before 2013 begins, and I don’t go in to school until the 2nd, but my vacation is over. It has been restful, explicitly doing nothing, though being sick has made that somewhat mandatory. And now I must do all the preparation work that I have put off while doing nothing. Time for a couple days of terrified frenzied activity while I get my ducks in a row for January.

I must plan for my students the week just before finals, when I’ll be engaged in professional development (not allowed in the classroom!). The spring semester begins concurrently with my development. I must actually write the final. I must prepare make-up packets for students to earn back points from homework missed during the semester. (OK, it’s not a must, but I can’t very well just give them free points for being lazy.) Gotta finish entering grades. Gotta clean for our New Year’s party, a list unto itself. Yes, I could have done all of these things over the break piecemeal, but surprise, I didn’t get motivated. It’s my own damned fault. :)

The West Wing, that amazing piece of television, has become available to stream over Netflix. The very first episode ends with President Bartlet reminding his staff that it’s time to kick it back into high gear. And so it must be with me. I have expended my time of frivolity. Break’s over.

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