Through the fire

May 16th, 2012 | Tags: , ,

And into another one! I kicked the spring semester’s ass (an A and an A-), but then I got elected treasurer of the HCoop. And since our last treasurer actually went AWOL last year some time, I must basically learn this stuff from notes left online. I have had a week’s break from schoolwork, but summer session I is coming up hard and fast, and it looks to be intense. I must drill down and focus so I can repeat my good performance this past semester.

I’m tempted to declare Wordpress bankruptcy. I have 5 drafts sitting in my queue, one of which has been there since December of 2010. Pro: I can move on, and actually maybe be productive. Con: I actually have things to say in those drafts, and deleting them will destroy any memory of the words already accumulated. So they sit and stink up the queue another week.

This won’t be an omnibus post, only because it’s going to be short. In fact, it’s over now.

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