Winds of change

January 24th, 2012 | Tags: , , ,

The semester has already been going well. The structure alone has been beneficial. Unlike last semester, where half of my classes had nebulously-constructed assignments with only a few due dates, my classes have specific assignments due at specific times throughout the semester, and the instructors were very clear about how they were to be formatted and turned in. This feels like a much better “first semester,” I think.

But the big news is that in one of my classes, a fellow student indicated that she had need of some assistance filling a tutoring position. So I contacted the place, and a phone interview seemed to go very well. I am now waiting on references and transcripts to finish arriving.

However, some things just don’t change. I have been sitting here at the computer all day, trying to make myself do this three-part assignment for my class tonight, and it is as though I’m frozen. I’m making the barest of headway. Two hours to go until it becomes irrelevant. Yay, ADD.

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