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The semester has already been going well. The structure alone has been beneficial. Unlike last semester, where half of my classes had nebulously-constructed assignments with only a few due dates, my classes have specific assignments due at specific times throughout the semester, and the instructors were very clear about how they were to be formatted [...]

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I’ve been slacking this week, the first week of my second semester. I allowed the funeral of my great uncle Bud (who died at the ripe old age of 102) to eat up my workday on Thursday, and then failed to compensate for it by doing extra work this weekend. Back to the old habits [...]

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I have a few friends with gluten issues, and it’s a fantastic challenge to be a good host when they come by. I’ve sought out roast recipes, and tried my hand at baking cookies. But I had never tried to brew beer before without some sort of glutenous malt. Fortunately, this is an active topic [...]

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I am always surprised when I rack the correct amount of beer into the bottling bucket, even though I use brewing software that accounts for liquid losses when transferring from the brew kettle to the fermenter. When bottling last night, I had the presence of mind to take some pictures, so I’ll share with you [...]

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I realized after I got home from a whirlwind tour of Maryland to see my family over the holidays (yes, multiple holidays) that I hadn’t posted since way before I got on the road. So, here’s my magical New Year’s post for you. Which is just to say, I’m already hard at work on the [...]

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