Not midnight yet!

April 8th, 2010 | Tags:

More wiki-hacking today.  I’m getting near to a point where I can say that the structure is self-explanatory, but several steps lie between here and there. First, I need to get the free linking under control.  It’s a bad habit I learned while first exploring things, and it must go if I’m ever to keep a lid on the potential data that will accumulate on it.  Second, I need to finish making templates so that it can grow organically within constraints.

I wonder if maintaining a wiki isn’t like keeping a garden?

The place is locked down, as much to encourage user interaction as to keep the low-hanging fruit away from vandals.  I know it’s contrary to a wiki to keep things under tight control, but I do have a personal interest in the flow of information on the site–some of it is personal in nature, and must be protected accordingly.  Moreover, I want it to be a home of sorts, and most homes have varying degrees of privacy.

Hopefully this week ahead I’ll actually be able to write stuff that isn’t a blog entry.  Many things abrew, including gaming topics, character vignettes, and technical descriptions.  And I must, must, must pick up the pen once more on Winterswatch.

There, I said it.  I invoke thee, Elephant in the Room!

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