Plans and reality

March 24th, 2010 | Tags:

Tonight is an admission of defeat and a renewed sense of mission.  I missed writing last night because I was at work all day, and then I went to the next county to spend time with my nerd!friends, which kept me out until late into the night.  We played a marvelous game of Catan, and I arrived home safely, but no writing.  I will not allow two nights to pass without an effort, however; I’m too far along to just give up now.  So, no excuse for not writing last night, but no point in dwelling.

I have been planning a trip out west for the yearly Perseid meteor shower.  Since 2004 or so I’ve been watching them semi-regularly, and the last few years I’ve managed to make consecutive trips to places with good, dark sky.  In ‘07 I missed them because I was moving down here to NC, but in ‘08 we went out to Jordan Lake and then in ‘09 a gaggle of friends camped up on Mt. Mitchell.  The weather didn’t cooperate with us, but we had a grand time visiting the mountains nevertheless :)

This year, it’s the Appalachian Trail for me.  The plan is to hike to a nice mountain bald over a week, and camp out on top while the sky falls down on us.  I haven’t been properly backpacking since 2003, when the Sidhe & I traversed the 100 miles of trail between Waynesboro and Front Royal, VA.  Time to fix that!

I’m using my wiki to coordinate efforts with my fellow travelers.  Hurray technology.

This week, the inaugural week of the blog, has had a personal focus.  Next week, I shall try to write in the third person–either by talking about specific topics or perhaps just getting some fiction out there.  I’m getting my sea legs back, and with ScriptFrenzy right around the corner I need to be able to do more than just ‘blog.

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